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Alabama seems to accept absolutely acceptable players

iBruin (SoCal) Ted, Can UCLA attempt for a appointment with the aforementioned CBs they accept been arena for the endure two seasons?
Ted Miller (3:00 PM) Price and Hester accept abilities & experience. Maybe they put it all calm as seniors. Taylor Martinez threw 5 TD passes adjoin S. Miss, so we may acquisition out this weekend,
marinersblue96 (Bellevue) Does ASJ accept to accept a monster bold for UW to accept a adventitious vs the Tigers? How do you anticipate Sankey will do traveling adjoin LSU's monster D-line?<br />
Ted Miller (3:01 PM) Yes.. He seems like Keith Price's best abode to dump the brawl if beneath pressure... He aswell should be a key guy in the red zone... of course, LSU knows this.
Tony (Richmond, CA) Will LSU batter Washington into acquiescence on the arena like Alabama did to Michigan endure Saturday?
Ted Miller (3:06 PM) LSU has an experienced, accomplished O-line -- admitting the accident of the starting LT -- and is concrete and accomplished at RB... I anticipate the Tigers ambition will be to batter the Huskies afresh go over top if the Huskies are in man advantage with safeties aptitude forward. It will be a huge analysis for the UW aegis to bout LSU's physicality.<br />
Dartanian (Paris, France) Wisconsin about never plays anyone on the alley out of conference, heck UNLV about exhausted them twice. I anticipate OSU beats them saturday. Am I on an island by myself?
Ted Miller (3:08 PM) I anticipate the Beavers accept as acceptable an agitated attempt as UCLA... There was a lot traveling on endure year if the Beavers went to Madison, and this is added acclimatized aggregation arena at home. The acumen I didn't aces an agitated is I anguish that the Beavers won't be able to authority up adjoin the run for four quarters.<br />
Alex (Dallas, TX) You accumulate adage that SC WILL exhausted Oregon this division as continued as they are at home. You don't assume to wish to budge. But do you absolutely absolutely accept that Oregon has no adventitious to exhausted them at the amphitheater either time? Surely Aliotti won't be bamboozled two times in one season..
Ted Miller (3:14 PM) I've never, ever, anytime said USC WILL exhausted Oregon... never.. you just invented something central your brain. I've never, ever, anytime even intimated that Oregon has "no chance." I've alone afresh my acceptance that I favor USC, in ample allotment because of home acreage advantage. Maybe I change my mind.
Ryan (SLC) Don't you anticipate its a bit aboriginal in the division for Utah admirers to be antisocial on Wynn? I anticipate too abounding Utah admirers are too quick to jump on the Wilson bandwagon. No agnosticism he has the aptitude to be the next QB, but Wynn is not alone our best option, he is a acceptable option. Thoughts?<br />
Ted Miller (3:15 PM) Yes..,, too aboriginal to accord up on Wynn. I do like that Utah is arena Wilson, seeing how he reacts if the lights are on. Wynn does charge to footfall up his bold and be added consistent. I still accept he gives the Utes their best adventitious to win.
Mash (Los Angeles) Ted- How can a Bama aggregation that allotment alone 10 starters possibly exhausted a USC aggregation that allotment 19 starters and the best QB, best 2 WR's and two of the best RBs in CFB this year! Not to acknowledgment the 3 top NFL affairs all on the aforementioned aggregation in Barkley, Lee & Woods...Let's face it Michigan was over ranked to advice the SEC advertising alternation already again! I anticipate UW could exhausted Michigan for the almanac could cause Price>Robinson!<br />
Ted Miller (3:18 PM) Well, , abiding starters or not. I don't anticipate Washington would exhausted Michigan, but who knows? I assume to bethink association giving USC affluence of "reload not rebuild" account of the agnosticism during the day. I've apparent annihilation from Alabama to advance they aren't an aristocratic team. But, yes, if USC and Alabama played, I'd aces the Trojans, even admitting I ranked Alabama No. 1 this week. I feel like you accolade teams that agenda boxy games. & we may in fact get a absolute reside acknowledgment to this catechism on Jan. 7.
Nervous USC Fan (Irwidnale CA) Any acumen or whispers on the Joe Mcnight case???
Ted Miller (3:23 PM) i don't apprehend it to become a above deal.<br />
Will (Novato, CA) Ted, what are your thoughts on Tedford's accommodation to sit Maynard? Rumblings out actuality in the Bay that Maynard is artlessly not the baton the Bears charge at QB (que the addition music for Zach Kline!)
Ted Miller (3:26 PM) If Tedford anticipation anyone abroad would win added games, he'd play him... it's aswell a boxy one there because of Keenan Allen getting Maynard's half-brother. Tedford acclimatized a player. It apparently amount him. But we about bless coaches who yield a harder line. Guessing Tedford and Brady Hoke could account from a babble about that.
Chris (Tempe) Does ASU win assuredly at home this weekend? Or was endure weekend an aberration?<br />
Ted Miller (3:29 PM) Illinois is a abundant altered aggregation than Northern Arizona. I anticipate the Sun Devils win a close, low-scoring game... their affairs are helped if QB nathan scheelhaase doesn't beats.
Mike (Folsom, CA) Marcus Mariota was 18 for 22 and three of those misses were collapsed out drops. If Mariota's accurateness is the absolute deal, the Ducks haven't had this aggregate of QB accurateness and acceleration in the Chip Kelly era. What if this is Oregon's best breach in the CK era to go forth with the best aegis in the CK era? Will Oregon yield over the world?<br />
Ted Miller (3:32 PM) The aboriginal allotment on a preseason catechism for the Ducks were actual positive: It looks like Marcus Mariota is the absolute deal. But that was Arkansas State. And at home. We may not wish to acme him or the Ducks just yet. Let's see him adjoin bigger antagonism first. But I'm just like you: Completely afflicted appropriately far.
Ed (Phoenix ) Stan or Oregon the best defense? aren't you apathy Utah?
Ted Miller (3:37 PM) Utah has a acceptable defense... I'd amount it abaft Stanford and Oregon at this point.
Mark (Denver, CO) Hi Ted. How continued do you anticipate it will yield Coach Embree to clean the Buffs?<br />
Ted Miller (3:39 PM) I anticipate this is traveling to be a boxy year. Aggregation is young, and accident to Colorado State array of aghast the abstraction the Buffs could billow adjoin a anemic aboriginal by dre, I doubtable things will alpha to uptick in 2013 but he's apparently traveling to charge 5 years to get aback into the Pac-12 race.<br />
Grant (Boston) A acquaintance with no ties to the Pac-12 afresh told me he was aflame about this division because a acceptable USC is acceptable for academy football. What added aggregation in the Pac-12 getting 'good' would you accede acceptable for academy football?
Ted Miller (3:58 PM) I apperceive you guys don't like Notre Dame, but it would be nice to see the Irish accordant again. I anticipate academy football is bigger if both Michigan and Ohio State are good. I anticipate it would be acceptable for the Pac-12 if Washington afresh became a perennially ranked team. I absence Miami and Florida State.


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